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Time is the ultimate currency - and shredding chicken for your meals shouldn't take millennia to complete. If shredding a single chicken breast feels like that to you, or if shredding a dozen gives you heart palpitations, then you're in the right place.
Ryan M., a child of the 80s, masquerades as a food product reviewer at by night and a marketing analyst by day. Samples of his reviews of nutrition bars, desserts, yogurts, etc. can be found at
Everyone has been invited to a party where they've been asked to bring along some sort of contribution, whether that be a side dish, a dip, a dessert, a drink or whatever. When asked to bring along a dip, people often tend to bring dips along that trend toward the savory side. Examples of this could include taco dip, nacho dip, spinach artichoke dip, etc. The type of dip that you don't often see being brought to a party is a sweet dessert dip and if you are looking for a change of pace, there's a great recipe out there for you: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. It's easy and can be made with just a few tools.
A sweet treat puts a satisfying ending to any summer meal. With summer heat showing up, a cool dessert is preferable. You don't want to have to turn on the oven to bake some cookies because he heats the whole house. There's no reason to raise the temperature for a great dessert. You need a dessert that is easy to make and doesn't require the oven. Well, you've found the dish you've been looking for. This recipe for No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake with Cookie Crust will make everything sweeter.
Making a pie can be intimidating. There's the process of not only getting the ingredients right, but also getting oven temperature right, the baking time right, etc. There's just so many variables that can go awry and cause something that has the promise of being delicious to become too burnt, not have enough flavor (or too much flavor) or just taste bad in general.
Thinking about purchasing a stand mixer for your kitchen, but not sure if you're ready to make the investment? If you're used to mixing batter, dough, and cream by hand, a stand mixer will completely revolutionize the process. If you make bread or pastry often, using a stand mixer will eliminate the wrist strain that comes with mixing and kneading. Anyone who loves to bake will get plenty of use out of a stand mixer and will be able to make smoother dough, fluffier frosting, and many new treats!
Whether you are a cook, a baker, or a gourmet chef, there are so many advantages to having kitchen appliances. A can opener, a dual oven, a stove range, and even a simple spatula can make any recipe easier. But there is one accessory in the kitchen that many overlook. The mixer, with all its many uses, is easily forgotten. It's time to ask: a stand mixer or a hand mixer, where do you stand?
Gone are the days when you have to go to Italy for delicious artisan pasta. If you want to go to Italy, that's a different story. For those times that Italy isn't an option, spare the cost of an expensive restaurant and make your own mouthwatering pasta. While you can do it by hand, using a stand mixer and its pasta attachments will make your life much easier.
Making perfect, yeasted sticky buns at home is infinitely easier when you use a stand mixer. All of the careful mixing and kneading that is required for fluffy, tender sticky buns is simplified, as the stand mixer does most of the work. The most difficult part of these homemade sticky buns is keeping yourself from eating the whole pan in one sitting!
Cupcakes are a favorite among the masses. It seems the flavor doesn't matter; everybody just loves them. Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and any other flavor combination you can imagine is usually a success. Once you have a great base recipe, decorating them for holidays doesn't have to be hard either.
When you think of French desserts, your mind likely conjures up images of flaky puff pastry filled with rich custard cream, delicate tarts topped with glistening fruits, dainty multicolored macaroons, and elaborate petits fours. In France, though, those are all usually left to the professional pâtissière. But there's a staple of French home cooks that's every bit as French as all of that, and as easy to make as a boxed American cake mix. It's called yogurt cake and it is a beloved classic in France, often served for birthdays, Sunday dinners, or any time an unfussy sweet treat is called for.
Strawberry shortcake - that beloved dessert of tender, crumbly biscuits combined with fresh, uncooked strawberries and clouds of sweetened whipped cream - is practically synonymous with the imminent arrival of summer for many Americans, but its roots are actually in Europe. The first recorded recipe for shortcake appeared in an English cookbook published in 1588. In the 1850s, we Americans came up with the idea to top the traditional shortcake with strawberries and invite friends over for "strawberry shortcake parties," and an iconic American dessert was born. Sweetened whipped cream was added later, making the strawberry shortcake undeniably the best summer dessert around.
Is there any dessert as decadent, delicious, or sophisticated as chocolate soufflé? The allure of a good soufflé really lies in its very simplicity. Egg whites are whipped to stiff, fluffy peaks that give the soufflé its impressive loft, while the yolks join melted chocolate to form a rich, gooey base of intense chocolate flavor. Fold the two together, pop it in the oven, and voila! Twenty minutes later, a showstopper dessert emerges from the oven, ready to dazzle your guests.
If you've never made popovers, they may seem like some type of culinary magic. A simple egg-flour-butter batter goes into a muffin tin (or a popover pan) and out of the oven emerge lofty clouds of buttery pastry, airy on the inside with a delightful outer crisp. Whether served for breakfast or brunch with a dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of fruit jam or as a dinner side for sopping up savory sauces, popovers are a guaranteed showstopper.
It is a digital world, and technology is advancing exponentially. It's especially exciting to see how technology is being used to make our lives easier. We have self-directing vacuums, smartphones that speak directions, and even computers that remember our preferences. With all this technology, it's no wonder that kitchen appliances are being upgraded. Following are six kitchen appliances to consider automating in your home.
Sweet, creamy, brightly colored buttercream frosting is the stuff that childhood birthday dreams are made of. Used to top sheet cakes adorned with the likes of Frozen's Elsa, Spiderman, or Pikachu, classic buttercream frosting (also sometimes referred to as American buttercream), made primarily of whipped butter and powdered sugar, is a baker's favorite because it is quick and easy to make, easy to pipe, and holds its shape well.
While they are delicious, most homemade bread recipes require a large time commitment. However, you don't have to use yeast and spend hours in the kitchen for a delicious loaf of homemade bread. Batter bread, often called quick bread, is simple to make and ready to eat in a fraction of the time. With a good stand mixer, you're just a few easy steps away from a delicious pan of homemade quick bread.
Pizza is the great unifier. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, even vegans have their favorite versions. And that's what makes family pizza night so much fun. A rich tomato sauce, some shredded cheese (or a vegan cheese substitute), and assorted meat and vegetable toppings turn a family meal into a festive occasion.
Can you live without a stand mixer? Well, sure, but why would you want to? Few household items inspire such love and devotion from their owners. Stand mixers are true workhorses in the kitchen, mixing cake batter, kneading bread dough, and mixing up a quick batch of pancakes on a lazy Saturday morning or chocolate chip cookies on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. With a few extra accessories, they can even grate cheese, make pasta, grind meat and stuff sausages, and churn ice cream. Even when they're not in use, they do a fine job of dressing up your counter top.
Homemade mayonnaise is just one of those things. Until you've tried it, you've never really lived. Well, at least, you've never really tasted mayonnaise. When it's made fresh from scratch, this addictive condiment bears little resemblance to its jarred cousin. The homemade stuff is like eating a cloud of rich, umami flavor. There is really nothing like it.
Dairy-free buttercream might sound like an oxymoron at best, an abomination at worst. But this vegan frosting is so creamy and delicious that it is sure to win you over.
You're known for your baked goods, and your grandchildren love visiting for a batch of warm cookies. When your friends come over, you always have fresh loaves of warm bread out on a clean dishtowel. They all rave over the light texture of your bread, and many hours have been spent over cups of tea and tasty snacks you whipped up in the kitchen.
Getting your family to eat healthy can be a challenge. Incorporating enough vegetables, proteins and dairy is important, but a balanced meal isn't always welcomed with open arms. Also, you want to be creative because spaghetti and salad every evening gets old.
Angel food sounds pretty uncomplicated to some people - it's white cake with a different texture and some extra egg whites, right? Nope. It is notoriously difficult to get this cake just right.
There is little that isn't available in gluten-free alternatives anymore - we can choose from a wide variety of commercial pastas in nearly every shape and size. One thing remains true, however: Most good gluten-free pasta is expensive, with filled pastas such as ravioli reaching $6 per pound or more; and inexpensive gluten-free pasta can have inconsistent texture and taste.
Many people shy away from making their own pie or tart crust, thinking it's just too hard to create a nice flaky crust. But the science behind making the dough is really quite simple, and using your stand mixer to create the dough takes all of the guesswork out of the process.
If you're looking for a festive dessert that's easy to pull together and doesn't involve all the the muss and fuss (not to mention clean up!) of a multi-layer frosted cake, then this fig and brown sugar torte is your dream dish.
Robin Donovan is the bestselling author of numerous cookbooks, including Campfire Cuisine and The Lazy Gourmet, and blogs about simple and delicious recipes at
If you could only have one appliance in your kitchen what would it be: a blender, a food processor, or a standing mixer? Pick a standing mixer ... why? Because these days with the attachments available for a standing mixer you can not only beat eggs, cream butter, mix cake batter, and kneed dough, you can grate vegetables and juice fruit too.
Some ideas make so much sense the first time you hear them that you can't help wondering why they didn't occur to you sooner. For many home cooks, one such notion is that of saving valuable kitchen countertop space by using one machine that serves several uses, instead of crowding that space with multiple singular-purpose devices.
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